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About us

The Valvo Pharmacy was born Syracuse in 1998 in the charming Piazza Pancali, the heart of the historic center of Ortigia.
The historic site of the Temple of Apollo, located just across from the pharmacy, harbor and the suggestive streets of the islet, has been chosen as a framework for an activity that was to be distinguished for its location and elegance.
Valvo Pharmacy, Syracuse, was restructured in December 2014, oriented to innovation in the field of medication, physical well-being and nutrition, expanding the premises with new departments and new services, all geared to the needs and demands of the Customer and new market trends.
The constant, in almost twenty years of activity, has been professionalism, constant training of all staff and customer listening, whose needs are always met with courtesy and efficiency.
Welcome, advice, transparent information and effective solutions are what the Valvo Pharmacy of Syracuse guarantees to anyone who goes into his wards, who will always feel welcome.

The Team

In our Pharmacy you will find professional and highly qualified staff, guaranteeing the best service and the most pleasant welcome.
Our staff members are consistently trained and updated on new products and innovations in the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare fields to ensure innovative and consistent service with new needs.
Each department is managed by a member of the industry who will be able to advise you and guide you to the solution that best suits your needs.
Valvo Pharmacy also works with various medical and health professionals to provide a complete and transparent service.





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