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In each department of the Valvo Pharmacy you will find a member of our staff ready to listen to you and able to advise you the most innovative and suitable solution to your needs.


Health Solutions for Your Skin

Dermocosmetics are products designed to prevent skin diseases or provide solutions to momentary changes. Our Pharmacy boasts six lines of dermocosmetics, selected among the best brands on the market.


Eat well and live healthy

Proper nutrition is the first step necessary to maintain good health, both in adults and children. Our food department has been enriched with a wide range of products and brands, tailored to the most demanding requirements: celiac, organic, integral and vegan products.


Solutions for four-legged friends

In the veterinary department you will find medicine and health products for dogs, cats and other pets, all you need for the well-being and health of your four-legged friends.


Body Care and Wellbeing

All the hygiene and care products of the person of the best brands are available in our hygiene department for specific interventions and the prevention of infections and pathologies.


Products and natural medicines

Phytotherapy offers natural solutions for body care and disease prevention. In our department you will find all the novelty in the industry and many natural products created in our galenic laboratory, such as herbal teas, creams, mother dyes, aloe products, arnica and calendula.


Medicine and complementary care

Our homeopathy department is being expanded and our staff is always up to date on the novelties of complementary medicine for the care of the person. Ask our experts to learn more about this field and the pharmaceutical solutions in the industry.


Flower therapy

Phytotherapy involves the use of extracts of non-diluted plants for the care and psycho-physical well-being of the person. In our department you can find all the products based on floreryotherapy and ask for tips on using and the differences between one extract and another.


The right energy at all times

Our lines of natural and sports supplements fit the needs of every lifestyle, those who need to start the day with energy and those who need more specific and targeted solutions. You will find all the products you need based on fibers, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients.





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